First ever Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee Athletes Commission elected in Riyadh

Riyadh, 3 February 2019 – The elections for the first ever Athletes’ Commission of the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee (SAOC) took place in Riyadh, at the SAOC Headquarters on February 3.
Forty accredited male and female athletes from 29 National Federations took part in this first election. With this first ever election, SAOC has decided, in line with its statutes, to give a permanent voice and platform to Saudi athletes and get them represented both in the General Assembly and the Executive Committee. Strict criteria were adopted before the elections with requirements including proficiency in English language, previous participation in continental and/or Olympic Games, no doping offense etc.
Out of the twenty-four declared candidates, the three-man election committee, according the six criteria communicated to the athletes and their Federations before the elections, validated twelve. .After the elections, the four male athletes and the three female athletes below, that have gained the most votes, become automatically part of the newly formed SAOC Athletes’ Commission.

Male athletes elected
1. Hany Mohammed al Mohammed
2. Ibrahim Almuaqel
3. Bader Adeghaither
4. Yaquob al shahrani

Female athletes elected
1. Mayssoun alsowaigh
2. BROOQ alsadhan
3. Lama Alfozan

On top of these seven elected members, SAOC President will appoint one male and one female to make a final Commission of nine

Before engaging in a long exchange with the Athletes”, SAOC vice President, Prince Abdulaziz Bin Turki Al-Faisal AL SAUD declared: “I take the opportunity to congratulate all you and your seven colleagues that had made history with their election to the SAOC Athletes Committee today. We are very happy and proud to have organised this first ever Athletes’ Commission election and, the commitment you have shown as well as your very positive contributions and remarks make me feel that that this Commission was highly needed. In line with the IOC principles, we will continue to empower athletes and place them in the heart of our activities. This Commission comes at the right time to serve as a link between the athletes and SAOC”.

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