Oman Olympic Committee Organises Law and Sport Programme

The law and sport programme wound up at Oman Olympic Academy at the end of the last week. The programme is organized by Oman Olympic Committee (OOC) in the context of its approved agenda for this year and will be presided over by Muhsin bin Hamad Al Masroori, OOC Board member.

The 3-day progamme was presided over by Mr. Taha bin Sulaiman Al Kishry, Secretary General of Oman Olympic Committee and attended by Mr. Khalid Al Aadi, Treasurer of Oman Olympic Committee. A total of 18 participants took part in the programme which was aimed at familiarizing the participants with the features of sports law and its relationship with the subjective and traditional rules and procedural principles and mechanism of resolution of sports disputes through arbitration.

It is also sought to increase awareness of the importance of following sports law and its sources and the impact of that on the sports organizations. The participants were provided with knowledge about the relationship between the Olympic Movement and international sports organizations and international sports litigation procedures applicable at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

The programme was presented by Dr. Mohammed Tharwat Al Shazli of the Faculty of Law, University of Qatar, who was honored at the end of the course.

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