The Executive Council of ANOC is responsible for all the affairs of the Association in compliance with the ANOC Constitution.

The Executive Council of ANOC is currently made up of 27 members:

The President of ANOC

Elected by an Ordinary General Assembly for a period of four years.

The Senior Vice-President of ANOC

Elected by the NOCs at an Ordinary General Assembly from the Vice-Presidents for a mandate of four years.

The Secretary General of ANOC

Appointed on the recommendation of the President by the Executive Council.

Five Vice-Presidents of ANOC

Elected by the five continental associations for a mandate of four years, and whose nominations are approved by the General Assembly of ANOC.

The members of the Executive Council (24) are elected by the Continental Associations.

The Executive Council meets at least twice a year, upon the President's initiative or by request of members of the Executive Council which shall include at least one half of the members elected by at least three Continental Associations (Ref Constitution point 13.14 p. 12)

Current members of the ANOC Executive Council (2014-2018)

  • President

    Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah (Kuwait)

  • Senior Vice-president

    Julio Cesar Maglione (Uruguay)

  • Secretary General

    Gunilla Lindberg (Sweden)

  • Vice-President of ANOC for Africa

    Lassana Palenfo (Côte d'Ivoire)

  • Members for Africa
    • Thomas Sithole (Zimbabwe)
    • Mustapha Berraf (Algeria)
    • Matlohang Moila-Ramopoqo (Lesotho)
    • Habu Ahmed Gumel (Nigeria)
    • Lydia Nsekera (Burundi)
  • Vice-President of ANOC for Americas

    Julio Cesar Maglione (Uruguay)

  • Members for Americas
    • Jimena Saldaña (Mexico)
    • Larry Probst III (USA)
    • José Quiñones (Peru)
    • Keith Joseph (St Vincent and the Grenadines)
    • Sara Rosario Velez (Puerto Rico)
  • Vice-President of ANOC for Asia

    Zaiqing Yu (People's Republic of China)

  • Members for Asia
    • Charouck Arirachakaran (Thailand)
    • Raja Randhir Singh (India)
    • Prince Tunku Imran (Malaysia)
    • Tsunekazu Takeda (Japan)
    • Mikaela Jaworski (Philippines)
  • Vice-President of ANOC for Europe

    Janez Kocijancic (Slovenia)

  • Members for Europe
    • Raffaele Pagnozzi (Italy)
    • Vlade Divac (Serbia)
    • Roger Talermo (Finland)
    • Nese Gundogan (Turkey)
  • Vice-President of ANOC for Oceania

    Robin Mitchell (Fiji)

  • Members for Oceania
    • Ricardo Blas (Guam)
    • Barry Maister (New Zealand)
    • Baklai Temengil (Palau)
    • Auvita Rapilla (Papua New Guinea)