Belarusian top athletes taught students of Minsk the Olympic Lesson at NOC Belarus

Half a hundred of Minsk preliminary and secondary schools students were invited to the headquarters of the National Olympic Committee to take up a lesson from four-time Games biathlon champion Darya Domracheva, Beijing 2008 canoeing champion Aliaksandr Bahdanovich, Sochi 2014 freestyle aerials champion Anton Kushnir and Belarus top race walker Nastassia Yatsevich.

Scarcely had young guests toured around the NOC Belarus Olympic Museum, their sport idols were introduced to them in the Hall of Fame. Darya Domracheva, Aliaksandr Bahdanovich, Anton Kushnir and Nastassia Yatsevich were glad to talk to the students in casual and friendly atmosphere. Darya looked back to her first school assembly when she was in the 10th form. Anton seemed surprised at how
up-to-date the Belarusian schools got equipped. Aliaksandr and Nastassia told they were quite good students with satisfying attendance record.

General line of the Olympic Lesson has little in common with classic 45-minute lesson at school. Young guests – winners and medalists of various international competitions in athletics, judo, sambo, basketball, skiing, and graces – asked their senior colleagues topical questions: life hacks to tackle stress, whether they needed days-off during periods of hard trainings, best ways to relax.

One of the students had a philosophical question to Anton Kushnir: how not to give up and benefit from defeat. Sochi Olympics 2014 triumphant answered that without loses there’s no victory. Darya Domracheva reminded to all: “Whenever you feel exhausted, remember that your opponents feel the same. It’s important to get over yourself”.

In order to motivate schoolers throughout the whole year, the National Olympic Committee handed out special Olympic-themed assignment books. The books contain relevant information about Olympic Movement in Belarus and its champions. In addition, the NOC Belarus prepared infographics showing the country’s brief Olympic history and milestones.

At the end of the Olympic Lesson the guests were asked to complete home assignment – to collect good grades in the book and to share information about the event with peers.

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