Oman Olympic Committee Prepares for Tokyo 2020 Olympics

In preparation for the qualifiers of Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, a joint meeting of Oman Olympic Committee’s Planning and Follow-up Committee and sports associations was held at the premises of Oman Olympic Committee. The meeting was dedicated for the discussion of the associations’ plans for participation in the qualifier tournaments of Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

The standards of qualification revolve around the qualifying figures required for individual sports such as Athletics, Swimming, Weightlifting and Shooting, the international and continental ranking system for sports such as Tennis, Golf, Equestrian and Taekwon-do, or continental qualifiers for team competitions such as Football, Volleyball, Basketball and Handball.

The Planning and Follow-up Committee emphasized the Oman Olympic Committee’s direction that official qualification must be through competition rather than through dependence on universality invitation places offered by the International Olympic Committee. It pointed out that the sports associations have the capability and efficiency to achieve the qualification standards in some sports and competitions.   

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