Press Release of the Hungarian Olympic Committee

In preparation for and as a promotion of the Games of the XXXII Olympiad (Tokyo 2020) the Japanese Olympic Committee represented by Vice President Yasuo SAITO (JOC), the Tochigi Prefectural Government represented by Governor Tomikazu FUKUDA (Tochigi) and the Hungarian Olympic Committee represented by President Krisztian KULCSAR (HOC) have signed a tripartite Memorandum of Understanding in Utsunomiya City on the day of 06th October 2017. This MOU aims to achieve the procurement of sports facilities, for training camps, for promotion of interactions for Tokyo 2020 and further develop and strengthen the relations between HOC, JOC, and Tochigi with the partners for mutual benefit. This MOU formalizes the relationship and mutual support between the HOC and Tochigi, and acknowledges the relationship between the HOC and JOC, specifically for preparations for Tokyo 2020.

HOC would like to explore the opportunity to use and have access to sports facilities in Tochigi, including athletics fields, on terms to be mutually agreed with the Parties and relevant facilities managers in order that the HOC may benefit from the use as part of it pre-games training strategy.

Tochigi, registered as the Host Town for Hungary, is aiming to actively contribute to Tokyo2020, and to succeed to certain legacy for the future. As an important initiative for actualizing these aspirations, Tochigi hopes that the Hungarian training camps for Tokyo2020 will be held in Tochigi, and that the people of Tochigi will be able to interact with the Hungarian athletes. Tochigi would like to support the HOC regarding the procurement of sports facilities, etc. in Tochigi in order to make these plans come true.

The JOC has been and will be responsible for facilitating the relationship between the HOC and Tochigi.

The Parties wish to come together in the spirit of mutual trust and cooperation to assist each other and explore ways to develop the relationship for mutual benefit leading up to and during Tokyo 2020.

As a significant milestone of this tripartite relationship and mutually beneficial cooperation reached between JOC, Tochigi and HOC a delegation of the Tochigi Prefectural Government headed by Governor Tomikazu Fukuda paid a visit to Budapest, Hungary by the invitation of the President of the Hungarian Olympic Committee Mr. Krisztian Kulcsar between 07th and 11th November 2017. During this visit Governor Fukuda personally met the Olympic National Federations of Hungary, pursued bilateral negotiations and gave them an inspiring presentation about Tokyo 2020, Tochigi Prefecture sport facilities and development programs. As a direct and effective result numerous National Federations of Hungary expressed their strong interest and desire to conduct training camps in Japan as their direct preparation for Tokyo 2020.

The National Olympic Committees of Japan and Hungary have had strong partnership, cooperation agreement and friendly bonds resulting this new platform of collaboration and closer sporting ties between their counties.

Hungary foresees 160-220 athletes to qualify for Tokyo, endeavours to repeat her performance achieved in London and Rio as well as finish among the top 10 nations in 2020.

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