Swedish Olympic Committee & World’s Children Prize partner together for Round the Globe Run – for a Better World

On 1 April, around one million children around the world participated in the Round the Globe Run – for a Better World which together, saw them complete up to 100 circuits of the globe. While doing so they highlighted the changes they want to see in support children’s rights and the global sustainable development goals, particularly in regards to equal rights for girls and reducing poverty and inequality.

The Round the Globe Run – for a Better World is a joint-project of the Swedish Olympic Committee and World’s Children Prize.

Swedish Olympians are visiting schools throughout Sweden with the intention of teaching school children the Olympic values and sharing  their experiences as professional athletes. Athletes are also explaining the importance of hard work and commitment to a goal. So far, 20 Olympians have visited around 100 schools and touched thousands of lives. By 1 April 2020 the goal is for the Olympians to have visited roughly 250 schools in different parts of Sweden.

Olympic Medalist Danijela Rundqvist and Anders Södergren are two of Olympians who have visited Swedish schools since the start of the project in November last year.

Rundqvist  said: “Sports is all about to strive for excellence and to reach a goal you dream of. These children also have big dreams and big goals, but for them it could be to make this planet a better place.”

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