Panam Executive Committee Meeting in Costa Rica

San Jose, Costa Rica —  Fourteen members of the Panam Sports Executive Committee from throughout the continent arrived in Costa Rica last Tuesday, ready for a packed agenda of activities, beginning with the inauguration of the Olympic Sports Science Center of the Costa Rican Olympic Committee, financed with the contributions of Panam Sports and the OlympAmerica programme.

On Wednesday, the Executive Committee officially began with the Costa Rican Sports Minister, Hernan Solano, in attendance. After the official welcome by the Sports Minister, there were presentations by the Candidate Cities for the Junior Pan American Games that will be held in 2021. The delegations of Cali, Colombia, Santa Ana, El Salvador and Monterrey, Mexico all gave enthusiastic presentations and robust proposals to host these historic Games for Panam Sports.

In the end of the presentations, Cali was elected as the Host City for these unprecedented Games that will provide more opportunities to a forgotten generation that after turning 18-years-old and competing in the Youth Olympics Games, often have difficulty finding events and funding as they strive to compete in elite competitions with adults.

“Cali gives us the guarantees and tranquility necessary to ensure the success of these first Junior Pan American Games. I congratulate Colombia and also El Salvador and Mexico for their interest in being the Host City. Undoubtedly, the hosting of these Junior Games will greatly help the continent’s sporting development,” said Panam Sports President, Neven Ilic.

After the Host City election, many of its sports Commissions were presented to the Executive Committee, like the Women in Sport Commission, the Sports Development Commission, the Marketing Commission, the New Events Commission etc.

To conclude the two-day meeting, Lima 2019 and its President, Carlos Neuhaus, presented a report detailing its progress with just four months before the start of the Pan American Games. Lima 2019 now has more than 100,000 registered volunteers, more sports venues completed, the start of campaigns promoting the Games, and the important result of a survey that found that 69 percent of Peruvians know and are excited about the Games in Lima. These were some of the most important topics presented to the Panam Sports Executive Committee.

The commitment of Lima is there. The support of both Panam Sports and the Peruvian Government is there as well. Only four months remain for the continent’s most important sports festival, and the work to make them a success will not stop.

The summary of the Executive Committee in Costa Rica is extremely positive for the leaders of Americas Olympic Movement. The next meeting of the Executive Meeting will be in Lima on 24 July, just two days before the Opening Ceremony of the Lima 2019 Pan American Games in Peru.

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