Panam Sports Athlete Forum in Miami

Panam Sports welcomes incredible athletes and sport leaders from not only the 41 countries of the Panam Sports family, but from around the globe to the second edition of the Athlete Forum of the Americas in Miami, USA.

The Panam Sports Athlete Commission with support and assistance from the Olympic Solidarity has put together a comprehensive three-day programme to engage athlete leaders from throughout the world in a conversation about the topics and issues most important to them.

Beginning on Friday, 26th October on the beach in Miami, the second edition of the Panam Sports Athlete Forum gives the athlete leaders an opportunity to not only learn and share best practices about how to improve sport and develop as an athlete, but also explore one of the United States’ top beach destinations.

Panam Sports Athlete Commission President Alexandra Orlando and AC Members Andrea Estrada, Aliann Pompey and Carlos Santiago will lead thoughtful discussions and exercises throughout the Forum as athletes seek to make a positive impact on the ways sport is developed throughout the world and the rights and expectations of athletes.

“I’m incredibly excited to begin our second Panam Sports Athlete Forum with such an unbelievable group of leaders and ambassadors of sport. We’re going to dive into some of the biggest issues facing us as athletes and discuss ways to shift the status quo so that the voice of the athlete is not just heard, but valued,” said Panam Sports Athlete Commission President, Alexandra Orlando.

The Forum will include a series of panels and breakout sessions on topics including Commission Activities, Building a Strategic Plan, the Pan American Games, Athlete Resources, Clean Sport, Marketing and Career Development.

Panam Sports President, Neven Ilic, will open the Forum on Friday morning, emphasizing Panam Sports’ renewed focus on athlete development and preparation.

“We could not be more proud to host many of the top athlete leaders from our continent and the world at our second Athlete Forum of the Americas. The Forum is the best opportunity other than the Pan American Games for our athletes to meet one another, learn from everyone’s unique experiences and develop common goals to improve conditions for athletes in all areas of life. I hope all of the athletes leave the Forum with even more passion and inspiration to further the mission of athletes throughout the world,” President Ilic said.

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