The ANOC Awards was held for the first time in Bangkok in 2014 and has been held every year since then.

The event was created in order to recognise and honour the achievements of the NOCs and their athletes as well as distinguished members of the Olympic Family. Held each year, the event is an opportunity for the world’s NOCs come together in a relaxed and entertaining environment and enjoy an evening celebrating sport.

The awards presented each year vary depending on the sporting events that have taken place that year and are decided by the ANOC jury. Traditionally, on even years, the ANOC Awards recognise achievements from the previous Olympic Games while on the odd years, the ceremony is dedicated to achievements from recent Continental Games or International Federation World Championships.

The ceremony is broadcast live through the Olympic Channel and ANOC YouTube channel and local broadcasters relevant to each edition of the ANOC Awards. Video highlights are shared around the world and covered by news broadcasters to ensure global media exposure.

The ANOC Awards ceremony usually takes place on the evening of the first day of the ANOC Generally Assembly.