50 NOCs attend ANOC-IOC Sustainability Webinar

A total of 50 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) attended a joint ANOC-IOC webinar on how to become more sustainable through joining the UN Sports for Climate Action Framework.

The presentation, held on 2 December, was led by IOC Sustainability Senior Manager Ms Julie Duffus and Olympic Solidarity Senior Manager, Mr Nils Holmegaard and also saw the attendance of representatives from three Continental Associations.

The presentation began with an explanation of the global context of climate change and how it impacts sports. It was emphasised that the sports world needs to come together to take action and how the UN Sports for Climate Action Framework outlines how to do that. Duffus noted that 290 sports organisations are currently signatories of the Framework and expressed that with this meeting hopefully 300 signatories can be reached very soon.

It was explained how NOCs can join the Framework and the dedicated support system which is in place for NOCs with technical support and dedicated funding.

In addition to joining the Framework, NOCs were encouraged to influence sports events organisers and facility owners to integrate sustainability principles and to introduce a clause on responsible sourcing.

The meeting can be viewed on the links below:

English: https://youtu.be/0gJK_XgOSOs 

French: https://youtu.be/_psDdy7Mm50

Spanish: https://youtu.be/DLzPukM-tEw

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