ANOC Celebrates International Women’s Day

ANOC reiterated its commitment to promoting gender equity and ensuring greater representation of women in the ANOC family today on International Women’s Day.

This year’s International Women’s Day is focused on embracing equity and ensuring that not only are there equal opportunities for women but equitable action. ANOC encourages all NOCs to play a role in challenging gender stereotypes, calling out discrimination and seeking inclusion. Promoting gender equity also should not be the sole responsibility of women.

To mark International Women’s Day, ANOC produced a video with interviews of ANOC leadership and athletes from last year’s ANOC General Assembly and ANOC Awards. Speaking on the importance of male allyship, ANOC President Robin Mitchell said:

“It’s important we get the message across and to get the men involved as well. What equity has done is bring men into the conversation so they are part of gender equity.”

ANOC Secretary General Gunilla Lindberg also addressed the steps ANOC has taken to increase representation of women in ANOC, both in the ANOC Council and ANOC General Assembly.

The full video can be found below.


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