ANOC Executive Council hosts in-person meeting in Tokyo

The ANOC Executive Council met in Tokyo for its first in-person meeting since January 2020 as it discussed and approved a number of key items which will enhance the support it provides NOCs.

The meeting was held on the side-lines of Tokyo 2020 and was also streamed virtually for members not present at the Olympic Games. IOC President Thomas Bach briefly attended the meeting to wish his support to ANOC and the NOCs and provide an update on Tokyo 2020. The Executive Council reiterated its full support to the IOC and the Organising Committee and to ensuring the Games is held safely and successfully.

Among the key items on the agenda was the bidding process for the 2023 and 2025 editions of the ANOC World Beach Games which will be opened after Tokyo 2020. The Executive Council heard that a number of NOCs have already expressed interest in bidding to host these editions of the Games. The Executive Council also approved the ANOC World Beach Games Regulations and Anti-Doping Rules which will now go to the General Assembly for approval.

In addition, the Executive Council approved changes to the ANOC Constitution, which include allowing for virtual or partially virtual General Assemblies and ensuring a minimum of 30% gender representation on the ANOC Executive Council. These amendments will also be presented to the General Assembly for approval. An update on the upcoming General Assembly was provided, with it noted that after consultation with the Korean Sport and Olympic Committee (KSOC) it has been agreed Seoul will no longer be able to host the event due to COVID-19 restrictions. Athens was confirmed as the new host of the General Assembly which is now scheduled for 24-25 October 2021.

Acting ANOC President Robin Mitchell said:

“We are delighted to have been able to hold our Executive Council meeting in person after such a long time apart. It is also fitting that it took place here in Tokyo where the Olympic Games is uniting the world through sport, during such difficult times. There were many important issues we discussed, from the future of the ANOC World Beach Games to proposed amendments to our Constitution which will support our drive towards gender equality. We would like to thank the KSOC for their ongoing support and cooperation in trying to find solutions to host the General Assembly in Seoul this year and to Athens and our Council Member Spyros Capralos for stepping in to host the event.

“After today’s in-person Executive Council meeting, we are greatly looking forward to meeting with the world’s NOCs in Athens and discussing the pressing issues they face and how ANOC can support in overcoming them. But first we have the fantastic Tokyo 2020 and we wish all NOCs and their athletes the very best of luck!”

During the Executive Council meeting, reports were provided from the Chairs of ANOC Commissions on the work that has taken place over this year, with all Commissions meeting virtually due to COVID-19.



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