ANOC Gender Equity Commission meets online

The ANOC Gender Equity Commission met virtually to discuss and agree how it will work to support NOCs in promoting equal opportunities for men and women in sport.

ANOC Gender Equity Commission Chair HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein opened the meeting with a summary of the progress to date and a recap on the NOC Gender Equality Survey. A total of 202 out of 206 provided responses to the survey and an initial assessment was conducted of the results. However, it was agreed that each Continent should do an analysis of the results of their Continents to better understand common themes and work with ANOC to design a course of action to address the identified shortfalls.

It was agreed that collaboration with Continental Associations will continue to be very important and reports from each continent were delivered.

As part of the ANOC Gender Equity Commission’s commitment to the Prevention of Harassment and Abuse in Sport (PHAS), HRH Prince Feisal provided an update on the work of the IOC PHAS Working Group. He acknowledged that COVID-19 in some instances has heightened issues of harassment and abuse as a result of people spending a greater amount of time in their homes.

HRH Prince Feisal spoke of the IOC Athlete Safeguarding Webinar Series, which has been developed for NOCs and will be launched in October to facilitate the exchange of best practices and highlight the importance of protecting athletes and NOCs. ANOC will play a key role in promoting this webinar series and ensuring NOCs benefit from it. HRH Prince Feisal also raised the IOC International Safeguarding Officer in Sport Certification Course, which was recently launched to provide a minimum standard of training and education for safeguarding officers in sport.

Lastly, there was a discussion on the 2022 International Working Group (IWF) World Conference on Women and Sport which will take place in Auckland, New Zealand in May 2022. The Conference is the world’s largest gathering of experts on gender equity in sport and physical activity and attracts more than 1200 delegates. The Commission spoke of the potential for ANOC to sponsor some women from the NOC family to attend the event.

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