ANOC Gender Equity Commission meets virtually

The ANOC Gender Equity Commission met virtually on 22 September as it continues to identify ways to support NOCs promote gender equity.

The meeting was led by Commission Chair HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein and began with an update on the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, which was the most gender equal in Olympic history and saw the introduction of highly-successful mixed-gender events.

There were reports from the Continental Associations who are continuing to analyse the data of the Gender Equality Survey, which will then be used to inform next steps for how shortfalls can be addressed.

The Commission discussed the ANOC Gender Equity 2022 Action Plan which is being developed to guide its work for the year ahead and how it can better assist NOCs.

An update on the 2022 IWG Conference in New Zealand was presented by commission member Liz Dawson. ANOC Secretary General Gunilla Lindberg confirmed the participation of the Commission in the conference where Commission Chair HRH Prince Feisal will make a presentation.

The Chair thanked the Commission for good discussions and ideas for the future.

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