Members of the ANOC Gender Equity Commission took part in a meeting of the Gender Equality Continental Chairs and IOC on 8 April to discuss the results of the National Olympic Committees Gender Equality Survey.

ANOC Gender Equity Commission Chair HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein opened the meeting alongside IOC Director for Cooperate and Sustainable Development Department, Marie Sallois.

The meeting was held via video conference and members discussed where improvements can be made towards achieving gender equality among the NOCs. A total of 202 out of the 206 NOCs completed the Gender Equality Survey providing a detailed picture of the progress that has been made by NOCs around the world in providing equal opportunities for men and women within their organisations.

Speaking following the meeting, ANOC Gender Equity Commission Chair HRH Prince Feisal said:

“Tuesday’s meeting was very productive as we conducted an initial assessment of the Gender Equality Review results. Having received responses from 98% of the NOCs, we are able to develop a fairly complete picture of the current progress that has been made towards achieving gender equality across the NOC family. But, more importantly, we are able to use the data to identify where there are weaknesses and where improvements can be made.

“Naturally, given the extent of the data we now have from the Gender Equality Review, it will take some time to fully analyse. We agreed during our meeting that each Continental representative will do a deep dive into the results of their Continent to better understand the common themes and design a course of action that addresses the identified shortfalls. There is plenty of work to be done but we are confident that this process will produce lasting and meaningful results.”

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