ANOC Marketing Commission address international best practice during meeting in Lausanne

The ANOC Marketing Commission met at the ANOC headquarters in Lausanne on Thursday 23 May and discussed among other things how ANOC can support NOCs in maximizing their marketing potential.

The meeting was chaired by newly appointed Commission Chair Susanne Lyons and began with an introduction of all members.

Following the introductions, the Commission engaged in open discussions on what ANOC can do to enhance marketing capabilities across the NOCs and how ANOC can supplement and complement the work of the IOC.

With that in mind, there was an update on the 2019 IOC Marketing Seminars and a discussion on the implications of recent decisions regarding Rule 40.

The Commission concluded with discussions on what ANOC can do to leverage TOP sponsors at national level ahead of Tokyo 2020 and how the Commission can collect success stories and disseminate them to NOCs as best practice case studies.

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