ANOC promotes sustainability at Bali 2023 Chef de Mission Seminar

ANOC is implementing a number of sustainability measures at this weekend’s ANOC World Beach Games Bali 2023 Chef de Mission Seminar in Bali in line with its overall Sustainability Plan to minimise its environmental impact and raise awareness among the NOCs.

Sustainability is a fundamental principle of the Bali 2023 Games concept as ANOC and the Local Organising Committee work together to deliver elite sport in harmony with its natural surroundings.

Olympic Champion and former ANOC Athletes’ Commission Chair Barbara Kendall has been appointed as the Sustainability Ambassador for ANOC. Speaking in Bali, Kendall said:

“As the umbrella body for the world’s 206 NOCs, ANOC has a very important role to play in spreading awareness and advocating for sustainable action. The sustainability measures in place here in Bali will not only reduce the impact of this event but also reflect how small measures can make a big difference.”

For the Seminar, ANOC has partnered with Bluewater – a supplier of revolutionary water purifiers –to drastically reduce single-use plastic at the event. All attending Chef de Missions will be supplied with a Bali 2023 Bluewater reusable stainless steel and glass bottle and have access to numerous Bluewater purifiers at the seminar.

Bluewater’s world-leading compact purifiers use cutting-edge SuperiorOsmosis™ technology to turn municipal, well or brackish water into pure water by removing up to 99.7% of impurities. Purifying local sources of water also eliminates the environmental impact of transporting bottled water over long distances.

“We hope that our partnership with the ANOC World Beach Games 2023 Chef de Mission Seminar in Bali will help spotlight that there are here-and-now hydration alternatives to single-use plastic bottles that allow people to drink purer, healthier water generated and dispensed at point-of-use”, said Bluewater founder and CEO Mr. Bengt Rittri.

ANOC has also partnered with  Marine Biodiversity Foundation (CMBF) a local coral conservation project in Bali to leave a lasting legacy in the Nusa Dua Beach, one of the two clusters of the Games. The partnership will last until 2026 and includes the planting and maintenance of a coral garden, with coral fragments being planted on behalf of each of the participating NOC.

During the Chef de Mission Seminar, delegates were invited to visit the coral fields to learn more about the threats they are facing and the work being done to protect them. Each delegate that visits the gardens will also adopt a coral fragment to support the restoration of the reef.

“We are so grateful that through our partnership with ANOC, we may secure some funds not only for installation but also for regular maintenance to ensure the healthy growth of the coral fragments until they can grow naturally,” said Nina Dwisasanti of CMBF.

CMBF hopes that through its partnership with ANOC participating athletes at the Games will also be encouraged to adopt a Coral and help spread awareness.

ANOC and Bluewater will also explore potential collaboration for during Games-time at Bali 2023 in order to reduce single use plastic at the event.

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