ANOC provides Digital Accelerator Programme update at EOC Seminar

The 41st European Olympic Committees (EOC) Seminar (25-26 November) came to a close today in Samorin, Slovakia following two days of constructive discussions on the key challenges and opportunities for Europe’s National Olympic Committees (NOCs) in the months and years ahead.

On day 2 of the Seminar, ANOC’s NOC Relations Manager Gustavo Harada took part in a panel discussion on “Useful tools for NOCs”. He spoke on the panel alongside Mihai Covaliu, who is an ANOC Marketing and New Sources of Finance Commission member, EOC Executive Committee Member and Chair of the EOC Communications Commission Mihai Covaliu, and Jiri Kejval, who is an IOC Member, Czech Olympic Committee President and Chair of the IOC Marketing Commission.

Harada’s presentation focused on the ANOC Digital Accelerator Programme for social media, which evolved from discussions on how NOCs could develop new revenue streams. He outlined how ANOC is helping NOCs improve their digital brand, in line with Recommendation 8 of Olympic Agenda 2020+5. Harada showcased the innovative tools ANOC has developed to support NOCs, notably the Social Media Handbook and the Social Media Dashboard, which allows NOCs to benchmark their progress in real-time.

There were representatives from all 50 European NOCs at the hybrid Seminar, with 44 joining in person. The new format of the Seminar featured a wide-range of presentations and panel discussions on key topics, with NOCs expressing their appreciation of the opportunity to engage in this manner.

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