ANOC shares TikTok best practice during NOC Social Media Webinar 5

ANOC today hosted its second NOC Social Media Webinar dedicated to TikTok – the world’s fastest growing social media platform.

The webinar was run by TikTok Strategic Partner Manager Sanjit Sarkar who revealed to the participating NOCs how to stand out and take advantage of TikTok’s newest features. He explained the keys to success and how branded content can help enhance NOCs’ social media performances. He gave details on how to leverage TikTok Lives and how to block hate and harassment comments on videos.

Sarkar also explained to NOCs how to take safety measures against hateful behaviour which can be a reality of interaction on social media.

Following his presentation, NOCs had the opportunity to ask questions and share experiences. NOCs asked about the account verification process, how long videos should be to be most effective and at what time of day it is most impactful to post video content. Sarkar stressed that the quality of videos is more important than quantity and warned against posting too much. However, while quality is important, he also emphasised that producing content on smart phones is sufficient to tell a compelling story to your audience.

This is the second webinar ANOC has hosted on social media, after Arthur Guisasola, Strategic Partner Lead for Sport at TikTok UK, provided an introduction to TikTok in January.

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