ANOC’s Beijing 2022 NOC Photography Programme draws praise from NOCs

The Beijing 2022 NOC Photography Programme has received widespread praise from the National Olympic Committees (NOCs) which used the new ANOC service during the Games.

The programme was implemented by ANOC for the first time at Beijing 2022 as part of the ANOC Digital Accelerator Programme and aimed to equip NOCs with high-quality images they could share on their social media platforms to maximise engagement. The programme was aimed particularly at NOCs, whose athletes may not traditionally finish in the top places, and so would not receive the same level of photography coverage.

A total of 28 NOCs plus the five Continental Associations took part in the programme, with more than 3,600 photographs published, covering more than 250 athletes.

Speaking about their experience of the inaugural programme, the Monaco NOC said: “Never have we had such quality photos of our athletes and our delegation during the competitions and also during the opening ceremony. In terms of visibility, it’s just incredible. In our opinion, ANOC must continue this project. We again sincerely thank ANOC for this innovative and very promising project, which is very important for the National Olympic Committees, especially small National Olympic Committees like ours.”

The Lichtenstein NOC said: “We don’t have a lot of resources for photos as we didn’t have the possibility to send someone locally Buying photos from suppliers is expensive as well. Through the project we had the opportunity to get good photos for our presentation on social media or our website for the OG Beijing.”

Bosnia & Herzegovina NOC added: “This program was very important for our Olympic Committee because we were able to get images in better resolution very quickly, which is why our posts are much more popular and have reached a larger number of people.”

The Turkish NOC said: “Our NOC was represented at the Games by a small team and our comms team did not attend the Games. Therefore ANOC’s help was crucial for us to promote our athletes and Winter Games in Turkey.”

ANOC will look to continue this programme for future Games and will take on board NOC feedback to enhance the level of the services it provided in Beijing. ANOC will also study additional initiatives within the Digital Accelerator Program, including potentially providing other effective Games-time support for the NOCs to increase their digital communications performances.

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