NOCs around the world harness power of sport on Olympic Day

ANOC today celebrates Olympic Day and the activities of National Olympic Committees (NOCs) all around the world in encouraging people to get active and spread the Olympic values through sport.

More than 100 NOCs have already organised Olympic Day celebrations or will do today and over the coming days. NOC activities vary from the more traditional in-person events such as fun runs, outdoor games, sport demonstrations, meetings with Olympians and workshops on the Olympic values, to online activities such as virtual Olympic challenges, online workouts, virtual live chats with Olympians, online quizzes and webinars on the Olympic values.

Speaking on Olympic Day, Acting ANOC President Robin Mitchell said:

“Olympic Day is always a very special day in the NOC family’s calendar. Every NOC celebrates it slightly differently but they are all united in the desire to engage people in the Olympic values and keep them active through sport. Today all around the world, NOCs will harness the power of sport to bring people together, either in-person or online, and share moments of joy and solidarity. With this year’s Olympic Day falling exactly one month ahead of the opening of the Tokyo 2020 there is even more reason to celebrate the Olympic spirit and spread the excitement of the next month’s Olympic Games.

“Tokyo 2020 will be the very pinnacle of sport but it will also showcase the very same Olympic values that will be displayed today by people young and old, of all genders, backgrounds and ethnicities in countries all around the world. That is the power of sport: it is for everyone and everyone can benefit from it.  As the IOC has said we are #StrongerTogether and today on an Olympic Day it is an important reminder of that.”

ANOC will promote the activities of the NOCs on social media throughout the day

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