ANOC confirms new ANOC Executive Council (2018-2022) and ANOC Commissions

ANOC has confirmed the full composition of the ANOC Executive Council (2018-2022) and announced the chairs of the ANOC Commissions.

In line with the ANOC Constitution, the ANOC Executive Council comprises the President, Senior Vice-President, the Secretary General and the five Vice-Presidents. The remaining members of the Executive Council are either appointed based on their position within the Continental Associations or elected by the Continental Associations’ General Assemblies. Some ANOC Commission Chairs will also serve as ex-officio members on the Executive Council.

New Commissions for 2019 include the Gender Equity and Culture and Education Commission. The full composition of the ANOC Commissions will be announced in January 2019, following recommendations submitted by each of the Continental Association Presidents.

The full ANOC Executive Council can be found here.

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