Elena Belova transferred valuable exhibits to the Olympic Museum of the NOC Belarus

Four-time Olympic champion, Soviet and Belarusian fencer Elena Belova joined the exposition of the Olympic Museum of the NOC Belarus on November 21 with unique exhibits. Elena handed over the items presented to her at the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Olympic Games-1968 in Mexico City. At the Games in Mexico, the fencer won two Olympic gold medals and was honored to attend celebrations on the occasion of the anniversary.

The transfer of the exhibits turned out to be warm and solemn. Valuable items from the honored athlete were received by the General Secretary of the NOC Belarus George Katulin. Elena enthusiastically talked about the trip to Mexico City:

“So many wonderful events happened to us in the city where I have not been to for 50 years. Olympic Games-1968 as for me were very happy and successful. I had two attempts to win a medal and used both, having won personal and team superiority. It is a great happiness to be back in this beautiful country after so many years thanks to the invitation from the government. The most important thing is that we had the same people next to us as 50 years ago. The IOC decided to collect sportsmen from all continents, who were especially successful at those Games. Among them were famous athletes Bob Beamon, Dick Fosbery and Kano Cinchona, swimmer Deborah Meyer, diver Klaus Dibiasi and others. Hosts had a great event, and most of all I liked the final day. We arranged a mini Olympics, which repeated the Game fifty years ago. Six thousand volunteers dressed in special uniforms gathered at the stadium. They made Olympic rings, the Olympic torch was lit by the same sportswoman as fifty years ago. Many spectators came there to see this. I was also brought to the fencing hall, where I had won my medals, and immediately remembered all the vicissitudes of those competitions. It’s an amazing experience.”

Elena handed her a certificate, a sign with the names and autographs of all the participants of the festive events and a special personal chest to the Museum of the NOC of Belarus: “Inside the chest is the symbol of the Olympic games – the dove of peace. It is made of precious stone and hand-embroidered with beads. When this pigeon was given to Bob Bimon, he kissed him – that how pleased he was. On this plate there are autographs of all athletes invited to celebration. Bimon, signing, still puts 1968. For him, time seems to have stopped, because his Olympic record is still not broken.”

George Katulin paid tribute to each of the exhibits: “This is an invaluable contribution to the popularization and promotion of the ideas of the Olympic movement. Every week several groups of schoolchildren from all over the country visit the headquarters of the NOC Belarus. I want to assure you that the name of Elena Belova will be known around all our students”.

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