2020 Workshop for the Leaders of National Sports Federation

The “2020 Workshop for the Leaders of National Sports Federation” organized by the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee was held in Taipei on 14th and 15th of July 2020, respectively. The objective of this workshop is to provide a platform for those sports leaders to exchange ideas on their conduct of international sports affairs and good governance.

The NOC Secretary General Mrs. Frances Yuh-Fang LEE and Ms. Hsiu-Ling HSU, Director of International & Cross-Straits Affairs of Sports Administration officiated together the opening ceremony.

The Secretary General LEE mentioned that this workshop provides an opportunity for National Federation decision-makers and sports policy-makers to come together to share views and explore issues concerning the international sports development and the practices of good governance of respective NFs.

The workshop invited speakers with long years’ experience of international sports affairs, such as Mr. Kevin Kuo-I CHEN, OCA EB Member & the NOC Advisor, and Ms. Fen-Fen CHANG, ICG EB member, as well as attorney Mr. Wei-Sheng HUNG, who specialize in the field of international sports law.

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