40 Kosovo elite athletes start first mental skills seminar

40 Kosovo elite athletes, including Tokyo 2020 Olympic Scholarships and 2020 Olympic Hopes, are attending the first international mental skills seminar, which is hosted by the Kosovo Olympic Committee, and is being held online through the ‘Zoom’ platform.

The seminar, organized by the NOC, is being led by Graziella Thake, founder of the Optimization HUB organization from Australia, and her associates, coaches with international licenses: Elda Gjoka (Albania), Mel Roche (four-time Olympic Games participant with Australia) and Paul Hutch (Australia).

The seminar was addressed by the NOC President, Besim Hasani, who conveyed to the athletes the importance of such a seminar, the first organized for elite athletes.

Among the elite athletes attending the seminar, is the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Judo Champion, Majlinda Kelmendi, world judo medalist, such as Distria Krasniqi, Loriana Kuka, 2018 European Judo Champion, Nora Gjakova, the winner of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic norm, the wrestler Egzon Shala, karateka Herolind Nishevci, boxer Donjeta Sadiku, the only skier from Kosovo to participate in the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics, etc.

The purpose of this seminar is for athletes to receive the necessary information on mental skills in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, due to which all sports activities have been stopped for more than two months.

The first training was held today (Friday), and three more will be held until the end of the seminar.

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