Brazil finishes top of ‘best’ ever South American Youth Games in Rosario

Brazil finished top of the medal table at the Rosario 2022 South American Youth Games which lasted 11 days and involved almost 2,500 athletes from 15 countries competing across 26 disciplines.

Brazil won 147 medals including 64 gold, 40 silver and 43 bronze. Colombia came in second place with 93 medals, thanks to obtaining 35 gold, 32 silver and 26 bronze medals. And in third place was Argentina, with 113 medals but 31 gold.

President of  ODESUR (South American Sports Organization) Camilo López Pérez Moreira closed Rosario 2022 with an emotional speech in which he described the Games as the best ever:

“ Rosarinos, be proud, youmade the best Odesur Youth Games. Celebrate, you made the Games records with 2,420 athletes and officials, 518 referees and celebrate the families that you had here walking through this beautiful park”.

He thanked the Organizing Committee of the Games, the Odesur Staff and the Argentine Olympic Committee for organizing a  “beautiful games.”

Then, it was time to speak directly to the athletes and looking at all the delegations, he said: “Athletes keep training because you are the future, you are the ones we are going to see in the next Olympic Games.”

He also had a moment dedicated to the volunteers: “Thank you for your kindness and work, you made some beautiful Beach Games in 2019 and today some beautiful Youth Games that closed with this fantastic parade, thank you for your effort and work”.

At the end of his speech, he said he felt “proud, and a little sad, because we already felt at home ” and concluded: “I look forward to seeing you all at the next South American Games in Asunción 2022.”

Photo: Rosario2022

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