Chile launches Waste and Recycling Management Plan for Olympic Training Centre

The Marlene Ahrens Olympic Training Center, located in the Ñuñoa district and managed by the Chilean Olympic Committee, will be the first Olympic training center in Latin America to adopt a Waste and Recycling Management Plan.

The initiative, developed in conjunction with Bzero, aims to reduce the waste produced at the CEO’s facilities. For that, plastic, aluminum, glass, paper, cardboard and Tetrapak sorting boxes were installed on all floors of the building. Periodically, the material is removed and taken to the Recycling Center located in the CEO parking lots, a space built with funds from International Olympic Solidarity.

The first to receive the training were officials from COCH and ADO Chile. Subsequently, a training session will be held for the officials of the federations that have offices in the CEO.

“For the Chilean Olympic Committee it is very important to reinforce the environmental commitment acquired by the International Olympic Committee. We are proud to be pioneers in the region and take a step forward with concrete actions”, highlighted Miguel Ángel Mujica, President of the Chilean Olympic Committee.

Finally, following the same line, the CEO will be a smoke-free space from October 1.

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