Chilean Olympic Committee signs education agreement with IND Ñuble

The Chilean Olympic Committee (COCH) has signed a collaboration agreement with the National Institute of Sport (IND) Region of Ñuble to develop activities to promote the values ​​and benefits of physical activity and sports in different age groups in the community.

The programme will include a variety of seminars and workshops that highlight innovative approaches to educating children about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining an interest in sports.

COCH Secretary General Jaime Agliati, Ñuble Regional Sports Minister Julio Jorquera and Regional Director of Ñuble, Carlos Chandía were present at the signing of the agreement.

“This agreement establishes interesting tasks, including the development of activities that promote the values ​​and benefits of physical and sports activity in the different age groups in the region. The programme will include courses that contribute to sharing good community management practices, as well as generating and positioning periodic activities that directly benefit the coaches in the area”, stated Agliati.

“It has been fantastic to achieve this strategic alliance, which will undoubtedly strengthen sport in the commune,” said Chandía.

This initiative is part of a programme established in the 2022 strategic planning of the Community and Sport area of ​​COCH education and unification with the municipalities, which is a key element in the development of sport.

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