CONI offers online ‘Financial Education takes the field with sport’ course

The Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) is offering athletes and sports managers the opportunity to learn and train on the better use of their finances through the online Course ‘Financial Education takes the field with sport’.

The course is organised in collaboration with the Committee for the planning and coordination of financial education activities and the Institute for Sports Credit. The course aims to meet the training needs of athletes, technicians and sports managers and support them in the development of their financial skills.

The course includes the following themes:

  • Planning and management of personal finances, payment instruments, financing and savings
  • Investment choices, the main financial instruments and services and illegal practices
  • Social security and insurance instruments
  • The protections of the bank customer, the investor and the insured
  • Sports credit and finance elements for small businesses

Each path corresponds to several meetings (or modules), of 75 minutes each, which will take place live on the LifeSize digital platform.


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