Estonian athletes raise #märka whitecard to fight abusing

Estonian Olympic Committee celebrated “International Day of Sport for Peace and Development” on April 6 with athletes raising white cards adding the message #märka (Estonian for #notice) to urge the public to notice abuse and challenge it.

The president of the NOC, Urmas Sõõrumaa says that sport is a source of joy and emotions, but unfortunately, there often is a dark side to medals. “Safety in sport means respect, justice and the absence of any intentional violence. However, there are those who have been deprived of the option of enjoying sport safely, and the violence inflicted on them is not only physical but also emotional. The trauma of abuse will, sadly, stay with a person for life. Let us notice and help those who need help!”

The celebration of the 6 April was initiated by the International Olympic Committee and the UN as the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace. This day is dedicated to how sport can make society better: sport can unite people, contribute to dialogue, and foster care and understanding. The symbol of the day is the white card: while the red card in sports stands for a major violation, on 6 April, athletes all over the world show the white card which symbolises tolerance, caring and positive attitude. In Estonia, the White Card Day is promoted by the Estonian Olympic Committee.

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