Famous Belarusian athletes and coaches attended bicycle ride “For Belarus”

Some of Belarus’ most famous athletes and coaches took part in the ‘For Belarus’ cycle ride on 28 August as they aimed to unite the sports community in the country.

The ride started at different locations including Minsk Hero City Obelisk, Komsomolskoe Lake, Minsk FC building, National Olympic Committee, Tennis Palace.

The ride went through Pobediteley avenue. The peloton finished near one of the most famous venues of the capital – “Minsk Arena”.

DOSAAF skydivers unfurled Belarusian flag in the sky.

Distinguished sportsmen and sports sector officials who took part in the ride included: Beijing Olympic champion Aleksandr Bogdanovich, Athens bronze medalist Natalya Cilinskaya, NOC first vice-president Viktor Lukashenko, Minister of Sports and Tourism Sergei Kovalchuk, ABFF chairman Vladimir Bazanov, BBF chairman Maksim Ryzhenkov, Head of main department of sports and tourism MCEC Mikhail Prokopenko. Vice premier-minister Igor Petrishenko attended the ride as well.

“The bicycle ride united the sports community members. I would like to thank everyone who joined us on the “Minsk Arena” stage or the ride itself. Belarusian sportsmen will do their best at the upcoming Tokyo Olympics. Our fellow citizens will support us everywhere including this stage” said the Beijing bronze medalist Anastasia Prokopenko.

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