Finnish Champions Week to celebrate diversity of sports

The sixth edition of the Finnish Champions Week will begin on Thursday 30 June and provide a four day celebration of sport.

The event will be held in Salo and the Finnish Olympic Committee is actively involved in its operational implementation.

The event will involve 28 sports: agility, billiards, bridge, digital track racing, frisbee long throw, judo, handball, cricket, lacrosse, chin-up, flag ball, cross-country shooting, marathon paddling, treadmill, padel, para-athletics , speedgolf, beach taekwondo, pole dancing, ultra running, strongest SM, sledding, motorized paragliding, motocross and X-trial.

The aim of the event is to get a new audience, new enthusiasts and media visibility for the sport. There will also be a great competitive atmosphere as a common showcase for the species.

All events of the Finnish Championship Week are open to the public.


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