From exercise to cooking, Czech Olympic Team keeps fans engaged during quarantine

The Czech Olympic Team has been finding innovative ways of keeping fans active and entertained through social media during the current quarantine.

An innovative call by the team to keep active reached more than 1.5 million people and was shared more than 5,000 times across social networks. Exercises were assigned to each letter of the alphabet and a total of sixty Czech athletes then developed exercise programmes by following the exercises that corresponded to each letter in their name. Fans were encouraged to do the same with their own names.

However it is not just through exercise that athletes have been reaching fans, Olympic snowboard cross champion Eva Samková published a video of her cooking a simple lunch based on what she had available at home and it reached more than 2 million people.

Such is the appetite for content during the current crisis, that the viewership on the Czech Olympic team’s YouTube has increased and is comparable to what would normally be generated during an Olympic Games.

To meet this demand the coaching seminar, Dialogues, which is organised by the Czech Coaching Academy, was also held online for the first time. The Sazka Olympic Multiplayer project has also moved online with a famous Olympian or Paralympian setting out a challenge each week for students to attempt. As part of this project, more than 40 athletes have also appeared on UčíTelka programme courtesy of the Czech Olympic Committee, Czech Television and the National Sports Agency, to provide exercise warm-ups for children.

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