The inauguration ceremony for the new headquarters of the Panama Olympic Committee took place in the presence of the President of Panam Sports, Neven Ilic and leaders of the national and regional government as well as some of the country’s best athletes.

Panam Sports President, Neven Ilic, arrived in the capital on Thursday to join in the celebration as well as the opening ceremony of the new offices of the Panama Olympic Committee. The headquarters has been remodeled thanks to an important economic contribution from Panam Sports and the NOC Infrastructure Programme that is available to all NOCs of the Americas.

With the top sports leaders of Panama and the Executive Committee of the Central American and Caribbean Sports Organization (CACSO), led by President Steve Stoute, the ceremony began with the traditional ribbon cutting.

Speeches by the sport leaders touted the importance and legacy of this project, followed by a tour of the new and spectacular facilities, complete with graphics and murals depicting the history of Panamanian sport, the Olympic Movement and continental sports organization, as well as a store run by the NOC’s sport brand sponsor.

In total eight months of work. Total joy and pride in the new facilities can be seen in the Panamanian hosts.

“I am very happy to be able to open our new headquarters. Thanks to Panam Sports and the improvement Programs of the NOCs infrastructures, we were able to access funds to use this facility and be able to modernize and work in our Olympic museum. This was always the dream of us, to leave something better to those who will come in the future”, said Camilo Amado, President of the NOC of Panama.

The athlete and idol of Panama, world athletics medalist Alonso Edwards, also had words of joy for this new face of the NOC: “I am very happy with the Olympic Committee of Panama. They are organizing new things adapting to the reality of  the European teams.  For me is a great honor and a pride.  This is a dream come true, everything is very beautiful. We have many athletes who have done great things in the past, and never have been recognized. Today the Olympic Committee are recognizing them, and that is very important”.

Panam Sports President Neven Ilic made sure to travel and participate in the opening of the offices in order to stress the importance for the NOCs of the Americas to take advantage of the resources that Panam Sports has made available to them.

“We are very happy for this new office that we are inaugurating. We were in Colombia, Cayman Islands and Grenada, and the truth is that we are proud that our countries are modernizing and can improve their facilities. These offices of the NOC of Panama are beautiful. I congratulate President Camilo Amado for the excellent work he is doing for sport in his country. Panama has a lot of potential that it must develop. With unity, hard work and the commitment of everyone, I am sure that more sporting successes will come very soon,” said President Ilic.

After the grand tour of the facilities, the NOC hosted a tasteful cocktail party for all the guests.

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