The Olympic Committee of Israel has launched the first English version of its scientific newsletter.

In recent years, the Olympic Committee of Israel has undergone a perceptual change regarding the integration of innovation, management of control and monitoring processes, and the creation of collaborations with leading knowledge centers in the State of Israel.

The Scientific Newsletter reflects the areas of interest and scientific work of the Olympic Committee of Israel. It is made up of 5 rings, each of which demonstrates a certain aspect of our Olympic work:

  1. The ring of The Olympic Committee of Israel describes the unique scientific work in the organization.
  2. The Sports Medicine ring deals with aspects related to scientific-medical support.
  3. The Elite Sports ring presents the activities of our professional unit.
  4. The Coaches and Coaching ring describes the use that coaching teams make of science and new technologies.
  5. The ring of Events and Results showcases the achievements of Israeli athletes in international sport arenas.

For the scientific newsletter in English, please click on the following link:

Source: NOC Israel

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