Lithuanian National Olympic Committee works with NOCs of Italy, Latvia, Estonia and Slovakia on New Miracle Project

The Lithuanian National Olympic Committee (LTOC) launched a unique project on women’s leadership in sports called New Miracle.

In the first training session held in Vilnius, 25 participants learned not only from the lecturers, but also from the experience of colleagues.

The LTOC were joined by NOCs from Italy, Latvia, Estonia and Slovakia for the project. In preparation for the project, a free training program and an exclusive mentoring platform were created for novice sports managers, where project participants will have the opportunity to consult with experienced colleagues and strengthen cooperation skills.

One of the initiators of the project, Agnė Vanagienė, Deputy Director of Olympic Sports of the Lithuanian National Olympic Committee (LTOC), said that the idea of ​​the project came from seeing the lack of women in sports management in her country.

“I have been working in sports organizations for more than 16 years and I see that the number of women in sports management is growing, but very slowly. Often, former sportswomen who had nothing to do with management come to work in various sports federations, so it is difficult for them to integrate into the management of the federation. That’s why the idea of ​​holding training specifically for women came up,” said A. Vanagienė.

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