Mauritius Olympic Committee presents certificates to 17 new recipients in Advanced Sport Management

The Mauritian sports community has 17 new recipients in Advanced Sport Management. The students of the year 2021-2022 received their certificates during a formal ceremony, organized by the Mauritius Olympic Committee in the presence of Vice-President Richard Papie, Secretary General Hedley Han and the two course directors, Sanjaye Goboodun and Jacques Malié.

Sanjaye Goboodun explains that this one-year course aims to train sports leaders to ensure good governance and management within the administration of federations.

“I hope to see graduates in the sporting field to pass on their knowledge. The Federations will therefore have to integrate these people so that they can apply what they have learned during the Advanced Sport Management Course. It is nice to see young people who have taken the course in the past, today at the head of the federations and occupy other positions of responsibility within the executive committee,” he said.

In the process, he thanked the Mauritius Olympic Committee for offering the lessons free of charge. “We are lucky, because in some countries you have to pay between 2000 and 3000 euros to take this course. A big thank you to the Olympic Committee for taking charge of everything and making all the materials available to the students so that the course takes place in the best conditions”.

During this occasion, the graduates shared their experience with the 20 students of the year 2022-2023.

The list of graduates

Muhammad Noshil Yasfeer, Mohammad Oozeerally Zeeyad, Arielle Dantier, Carole Théodore, Mahendranath Russean, Tejraj Pultoo, Esther Jean Michel Olivier André, Béatrice de Labauve d’Arifat, Lokee-Power Heymansha, Jean David Rolfo, Ingham David, Indrakshi Henna Mihdi Din, Edoo Naadir, Mundhill Girish, Letendrie Laurette Nathalie, Olivia Melise, Hossanee Ally Mohammad

The students for the year 2022-2023

Chady Shameem Saiyad, Appiah Vilina, Sawaram Vishal, Louise Julien, Loreen Davy, Seebaluck Jayce Shakti, Céline Marika Elodie, Manuik Emmanuel, Roodur Pravin, Montille Lindley Clifford, Piang-Nee J. R Kendrick, Fangamar Vanessa, Goboodun Chetan and, Seebun Ayushma, Raboud-Amoordon Sheron, Valois Loic, Gunputh Lavalina, André Richard Mike, Hansat Arishti, Labroche Virginia Maria Geraldine

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