NOC Hong Kong, China inaugurates 66th Festival of Sport with ‘joy and excitement’ theme

The 66th Festival of Sport – the annual mega-sports event organised by the Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China (SF&OC) – was launched on Saturday, April 8.

The festival, which is supported by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department of the Hong Kong, China Special Administrative Region (SAR) Government, encourages a healthy lifestyle and participation in sporting activity, especially in the post-pandemic era.

The SF&OC will be organising a series of diverse physical activities in conjunction with various National Sports Associations during the festival, which will run until June.

The SF&OC is committed to promoting “Sport for All” through the Festival of Sport; this year, these activities will include competitions, fun days and sports demonstrations in a wide range of sports.

The five premium events – the Hong Kong Softball Carnival, the 5th Motorsport Festival, Kids Handball Promotion Fun Day, Summer Indoor Rowing Festival and Family Sports Games 2023 – will be held in May and June.

To help promote the festival, the Olympic Committee has appointed three ambassadors – Chan Wai Ho (football), Lisa Cheng (sport climbing and bodybuilding) and Cythia Lok (motorsport). They will be joining various activities, engaging the public and sharing their sports experiences, as well as encouraging the community to resume exercising after the pandemic.

Mr. Ronnie Wong, chair of the festival organising committee, said: “This is the year for sports events to start afresh. The theme of this year’s festival is ‘Joint Exercising with Joy and Excitement’.

“We hope that, through a broad array of activities, members of the public will be encouraged to actively embrace a sporting life and pick up new sporting habits in building a healthier lifestyle after the pandemic.

“At the same time, we also anticipate that, through the promotion of the festival, the public will have a deeper understanding of the many and varied National Sports Associations and sports events. We hope they will be inspired to challenge themselves by trying sports that they may never have experienced before in exploring new sporting possibilities for themselves and their families.”

SF&OC thanks the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Nissin Foods (H.K.) Company Limited and FILA Marketing (Hong Kong) Limited for their support of the 66th Festival of Sport.

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