NOC*NSF National Sports Week aims to get more young people back into sport

The NOC*NSF National Sports Week is taking place on 16-25 September and is aiming to engage more young people in sport.

The corona crisis has had an enormous influence on the sports behavior of the Dutch and especially that of young people. Sports participation has fallen considerably and unfortunately still not back to the old level before the corona lockdowns. At the moment, 38% of young people between the ages of 13 and 18 do not participate in sport on a weekly basis. And that is worrying because sports not only make you feel better physically but also mentally.

It is precisely at a young age that the foundation is laid for a lifetime of sport and exercise pleasure. Young people who still exercise on a weekly basis at the age of 18 remain more active for the rest of their lives. In particular, the influence and stimulation of parents and friends who play sports have a positive effect on the commitment of young people to continue playing sports. Then it is possible to give priority to sport in the weekly routine of a busy week with school, part-time job and friends.

During the NOC*NSF National Sports Week, extra attention is paid to this target group in the national campaign ‘Sport does something with you’, in which sports stories from young people are central.

More than 100 municipalities, sports clubs and other sports organizations offer various sports activities for ten days during the NOC*NSF National Sports Week and open their doors to show how much fun sports is. In this way everyone can get acquainted with sport in an accessible way.

The four host cities Alphen aan de Rijn , Amstelveen , Dordrecht and Lelystad have put together an extensive and special program.

Marc van den Tweel , general director NOC*NSF: “Sport is important right now; we are still lagging behind in our country after the corona crisis. There is serious exercise poverty, especially among young people who were unable to move during the lockdowns. Many people also experience stress due to economic developments. Sports and being part of the group with which you play sports is an excellent remedy for this. We don’t say for nothing: sport does something to you. Our rich sports landscape with all its associations and We must therefore retain an enormous diversity of sports, which is why NOC*NSF is committed to an emergency fund with which sports clubs and accommodations can bridge the current high energy costs.”

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