Olympic Council of Malaysia hosts Olympic Carnival Community Penang 2022

The Olympic Council of Malaysia in collaboration with the Penang State Government is organising the “Olympic Carnival Community Penang 2022” throughout five districts within the state.

The “Olympic Carnival Community Penang 2022” has a total of nine (9) programmes scheduled from 15th May to 23rd June 2022 aiming to promote active life style as well as spreading the Olympic Values to the communities in Penang.

The finale of the Carnival will be the celebration of the Olympic Day with the organization of the “Olympic Day Bendang Fun Walk”, on Thursday, 23rd June 2022, which will be jointly flagged off by The Right Honorable Chief Minister of Penang, the President of the OCM and the Penang State Exco of Youth and Sports.

The Olympic Carnival and the Olympic Day celebration in Penang this year are very unique because both programs are focusing at the local community guided by the 3 pillars of the Olympic Day namely
1. [MOVE]
2. [LEARN]

This year, a new pillar entitled [TOGETHER FOR A BETTER WORLD] was also introduced, aiming to bring people together to contribute to a better world through sport.

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