Portugal Olympic Committee emphasises importance of tackling harassment and abuse in sport

Psychologist Rute Agulhas, the project manager of the Olympic Committee of Portugal (COP), Joana Gonçalves, and Carlos Farinha, of the Judiciary Police (PJ), warned of the urgency of combating the taboos that exist around sexual abuse in sport , during a webinar organized by the Lisbon City Council (CML).

Psychologist Rute Agulhas warned that sexual abuse in sport “is a little talked about topic”, which can lead to the multiplication of cases. “It is important that we start to have the courage and availability to bring the topic to the top of the political and sports agenda.”

Joana Gonçalves, from COP, referred to the existence of “some public authorities” acting “with some negligence in the face of evident signs” of abuses “, with the” absence of a more robust performance “that can combat the phenomenon.

Carlos Farinha, from PJ, considered it “taboo” to talk about sexual crime in sport, because “sports activities are exactly the opposite in terms of the values ​​of what the crime of abuse means”, as they are an area where there is the “intimacy of bathhouse “and” physical proximity “.

Moderated the webinar João Pedro Monteiro, from CML.

Source: https://comiteolimpicoportugal.pt/noticias/detalhe-da-noticia/?id=NEW-132cb843-aa6d-4a54-b023-f03f3cd23af5

Photo copyright: COP

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