ROC and ROC Athletes’ Commission drive social initiatives during coronavirus pandemic

The Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) and ROC Athletes’ Commission have been working hard over the last two months to deliver a series of social initiatives designed to keep members of the public active during quarantine.

With the direct involvement of Athletes’ Commission members, the ROC launched a social network project that encouraged fans to create their own creative exercise routines that were then judged and participated in by Russian athletes.

The ROC also launched a three-week online campaign with the framework of the Olympic Country programme which saw six Russian Olympians conduct free live training sessions every day. The workouts were structured around functional training, fitness/lifestyle and morning exercises.

Russian athletes also actively participated in various volunteer actions, challenges and live streams organised by both the ROC and international sports organisations on social networks, encouraging and motivating their fellow citizens and people around the world to keep spirits up and keep fit while staying at home during the period of self-isolation. Funds were also raised for charitable purposes on a voluntary basis, which the ROC donated to a Russian hospital, and targeted financial aid was provided to sports veterans in all regions of the Russian Federation.

The ROC Athletes’ Commission with assistance from the ROC Information Service prepared a special video with words of gratitude to all doctors from all over the world who are fighting to keep people healthy.



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