South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee discusses return of sport

The South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) has begun discussions around the return of sport in South Africa, making it clear that the SASCOC is open and ready to offer advice but ultimately it will be the decision of National Federations when to resume.

‘The best we can say is that each professional and amateur sport federation must look at the safety protocols that will protect the health of their athletes, coaches, administration and all involved. So when they are happy, the health department is happy and the whole government is happy with the protocols they present, then SASCOC will also be happy,” SASCOC Acting President, Aleck Skhosan, said.

President Skhosana added: ‘SASCOC is opened to all federations, professional and amateur that need advice from us on these issues. We will then allocate the relevant medical professionals from our medical unit to assist accordingly and when they speak on behalf of SASCOC, they will pronounce the position of SASCOC as mandated.

‘We further extend an invitation to all medical professionals and other medical entities within the professional and amateur federations, and those outside sports to look at how best safety protocols can be formulated and adapted to protect the health and lives of athletes, coaches, administrators and our respective communities around this pandemic.’

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