The NOC of Denmark publishes the International Sports Political Power Index

The Sports Confederation of Denmark, DIF, has developed the Sports Political Power Index, which is the 5th edition since 2013, to provide a picture of how Denmark is performing in relation to other countries, and to identify which nations DIF ought to cooperate with.

Denmark has again registered the executive committee members of more than 100 international and European sports federations. NOCs can use the digital version available below to check their ranking and their de development from 2013 and forward.

To simplify the vast dataset, it’s split in two – A European and a Global/International window. In the two windows below, you can see the 2021-ranking and the developments from 2013-2021, 2015-2021, 2017-2021 and 2019-2021. It’s also possible to sort all nations’ rank by sport, continent and international/European points. Lastly one can see the ranking on a map and find the scores related to per capita and GDP.

To download the index, click here

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