The webinar “COVID-19 and Sports Psychology” of the Hellenic Olympic Committee

The Athletes Commission of the Hellenic Olympic Committee with its President Vasiliki Millousi organised a very successful webinar titled “COVID-19 and Sports Psychology” on the 17th of December.

During the webinar which was moderated by the members of the Athletes Commission Periklis Iakovakis and Maria Danou, the sports psychologist Maria Psychountaki  gave a speech titled “Quarantine, Threat or Opportunity” and the psychologist Barbara Magnisali spoke on “Intense present, uncertain future – How to build mental resilience ”

The President of the Hellenic Olympic Committee, Spyros Capralos, addressed the athletes and coaches, stating: “We at the HOC made every possible effort to reduce the impact of the pandemic on our athletes and we succeeded to keep all our sponsors as well as the ones of the programme “Adopt an Athlete on the Road to Tokyo”. And you should know that this was a difficult decision for the companies, as they had to continue financing the athletes in a different way due to the absence of competitions, where they would have the opportunity to get the necessary promotion. The extension of the program means that the members of the pre-Olympic team continue to take advantage of all the existing privileges, so as to be able to continue as smoothly as possible, their preparation for Tokyo or their efforts to qualify for Tokyo.”

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