Turkish Olympic Committee supports publication of the Fair Play Training Book

The Turkish Olympic Committee has worked with Gazi University Faculty of Sports Sciences Faculty Member and Turkish National Olympic Committee (TMOK) Fair Play Commission Vice President Prof. Dr. Gülfem Sezen Balçıkanlı to publish a Fair Play Training Book.

The book was written by Prof. Dr. Gülfem Sezen Balçıkanlı for physical education teachers, classroom teachers, preschool teachers, coaches and parents.

The book, which examines Fair Play education in depth, consists of two parts. The first part contains theoretical information about Fair Play. Starting with the Ancient Greek philosophers who said, “If morality collapses, society collapses”, the book, which promises readers a scientific journey in a historical context, reveals the theoretical framework on which the concepts are based.

In the second part, there are activities and games that make up the application dimension of this theoretical knowledge.

Prof. Dr. Gülfem Sezen Balçıkanlı said “Today, there are many important values ​​that need to be gained through education. These values ​​contribute to children being more universal, more questioning, more moral. Although the 21st century offers countless skills to individuals (entrepreneurship, technological literacy, etc.), the existence of a basic value on which all of these values ​​are based makes itself felt at every stage of life. So what is this value? Of course, moral value.

“Based on the logic that the tree bends when it is wet, children should be in an environment where they will adhere strictly to moral values ​​at an early age. One of the most important of these environments is sports. The internalization of ethical concepts is best achieved through physical education and sports for children, who need to progress towards being healthy by doing physical activities. This is where the concept of Fair Play comes into play.”

” We can make great strides in character education through sports. It should be the primary goal of everyone, especially educators and coaches, that children who strive to make sports a part of their lives from an early age will be guided in a healthy way through this book and raised with this important value.”

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