Uzbekistan to organise an International Online Conference

National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan will organise an International Scientific-Practical Online Conference “Modern Science in Olympic sports”on 6 November 2020.
The conference is aiming of generalization of advanced pedagogical experience in preparation for the Summer Olympic Games, development of Olympic ideas and the Olympic Movement, demonstration of the physical education and sports importance during the pandemic, as well as relevant issues of healthy lifestyle promotion and involvement of the population in it.
The NOC will welcome domestic and foreign scientists, experts, working in the field of physical culture and sports or in the sphere of health and safety, coaches, managers and specialists of state bodies for managing physical culture and sports, representatives of sports institutions, public organizations, employees, doctoral students, graduate students, master’s degree students and higher education students.

The main areas of the online conference work:
1. The system of training high-level athletes in the Olympic sports
2. The modern system of long-term training of the athletes of the sports reserve in Olympic sports: structure, content and methods
3. Biomedical and anti-doping support of the sports training process of athletes
4. Psychological training in Olympic sports
5. Issues of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle among young students
6. Sports training in Paralympic sports
7. Historical and cultural aspects of Olympic sports
8. Olympism: history, modern development and prospects.

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