EOC EU office and European stakeholders produce Position paper on the impact of COVID-19 crisis on the sport sector”

The EOC EU Office in collaboration with sport stakeholders of the SHARE Initiative of the European Commission, have produced a “Position paper on the impact of COVID-19 crisis on the sport sector”.

Forty-three sport stakeholders, including European sports federations such as FIBA Europe, CEV, European Athletics, European Handball Federation and Rugby Europe, as well as 16 National Olympic Committees have so far supported the Covid-19 position paper.

The document has been sent to the main EU actors, including, for instance, the European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, Commissioners Mariya Gabriel (responsible for sport) and Elisa Ferreira (Cohesion and Reforms), European Parliament President David Sassoli, and Croatian EU Presidency to raise awareness of sport organisations’ needs in the coronavirus crisis.

The joint position paper urges the European entities to ensure that sport organisations are fully eligible for support under relevant EU funding schemes directed to overcome the crisis.  Furthermore, the paper presents an “action plan for the promotion of sport for a more resilient and sustainable Europe”, proposing more support measures that would directly benefit the sport sector.

The paper goes on to stress the importance of sport in the framework of EU’s economy. In 2012, sport represented 279.7 billion Euro, an amount that equals 2.12% of the total GDP of the EU[1]. More than that, sport plays a crucial role in social cohesion, fostering health and enhancing wellbeing.  In this regard, once the crisis is over, sport will play its role in getting Europe fit again, in terms of both health and economics. However, to keep the sport sector itself fit, the support of the EU and its Member States is now needed.

The full position paper including the signatories can be found here …

Source: https://www.euoffice.eurolympic.org/blog/eoc-eu-office-coordinates-multi-stakeholder-covid-19-position-paper-asking-eu-support-sport

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