Australian Olympic Committee has become a signatory to UN Sports for Climate Action Framework

The Australian Olympic Committee has committed to embracing sustainability in its day-to-day operations, measuring progress, advocating and educating with member sports.

CEO of the NOC Matt Carroll says it’s vital that we integrate sustainability within our organisation and operations and the NOC will be working with Member Sports to support them in adapting their organisations as well.

“We know climate change has a big impact on sport. The impact on playing surfaces, infrastructure and cancellations due to weather extremes to name just a few. We also know that sport contributes to climate change, so sport has an obligation to adapt our operations to achieve climate neutrality”.

“Sports are dependent on domestic and international travel, energy use, construction, catering and the procurement of a range of goods and services. By implementing sustainability strategies, sport can make a significant contribution to mitigating climate change.

“The Olympic Movement has both a duty and an opportunity to contribute actively to global sustainability in line with our vision: “Building a better world through sport”.

“As signatories to the Framework, the Australian Olympic Committee is supporting the goals of the Paris Agreement and committing to taking positive and practical action for sustainability”.

The Framework has two overarching objectives:

  1. Achieving a clear trajectory for the global sports community to actively combat climate change, through positive initiatives and partnerships in measuring, reducing, and reporting greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris Agreement;
  2. Using sports as a unifying tool to drive climate awareness and positive action among global citizens.

The Australian Olympic Committee has appointed an executive to develop and plan strategies for operational implementation across the NOC to ensure it can meet its commitments under the Framework and to work with Member Sports on their own strategies and action plans.

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